Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Within our small, caring environment, children are individually supported in developing confidence, high self-esteem and self-respect. They are encouraged to work and concentrate both independently e.g. bread making, painting, sewing, and also to take part in the life of the group, sharing and co-operating with the other children and adults e.g. ring-time, circle games, sharing sessions, snack-time and general play. Through the various activities, conversations and practical example of others they learn acceptable ways to express their own feelings and to have respect for others and their feelings. Children are given the opportunity as appropriate to take responsibility for themselves and the group, its members and its property e.g. helping to tidy up, putting things away, passing small snack bowls around to others, hanging up their coats and putting shoes on racks. Children are encouraged to develop skills to promote self-reliance, such as putting on coats and shoes, washing hands, going to the toilet etc. In order to promote self-esteem we encourage children to become competent in various skills e.g. chopping vegetables, seed planting, bread making, sewing, etc.