Expressive Arts and Design

Children are encouraged to be creative and imaginative in their play, taking part in various activities and listening to stories. Painting, gluing, drawing, modelling, paper cutting, making pictures out of seeds, flowers etc. provide open-ended exploration of colour, shape and texture. Listening to stories without seeing the pictures enables children to be imaginative and create their own pictures in their heads. By having natural, rather simple toys without lots of detail and in the outdoor environment, all of natures riches, children are given the chance to create for themselves. Building houses, caves etc. out of clothes horses and blankets or branches and sticks enables them to use their imagination rather than having things ready made for them. Shells, pine cones, twigs, stones etc. become biscuits, fish or diamonds and when inside, both dressing-up clothes and puppets give them the means to create their own stories and in a therapeutic way, allow the child to work through any difficulties that they may be experiencing.