Through playing games and singing songs children are given opportunities to become familiar with the sorting, matching, ordering, sequencing and counting activities which form the basis for early maths. Children are assisted in learning and using the vocabulary of maths, identifying objects by shape, position, size, volume, weight and numbers through songs, rhymes and jigsaw puzzles, use of tally books, stick collection, games and conversations during the day. The children learn to count through activities such as laying out plates and cups at snack time and singing songs such as “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe”. They make simple calculations through songs like “Ten Currant Buns”, play sorting games with colored beads and shells etc., learn to match numbers and pictures with Dominoes and Jigsaws, use Russian Dolls to become aware of order and size, learn about weights through activities like cookery, shapes through making biscuits and cutting paper , and through general play, both indoors and outdoors, they learn many things to help them relate to numbers.