The wonder of learning through nature.

At the Elves and Fairies Woodland Nursery finding time to experience nature is of high priority.
We are an Outdoor Nursery and Forest School, with a cosy indoor space that we use in extreme weather. We believe that the closer to nature the children are the happier they will be and the more they will learn. Free to explore natures riches, a child’s’ senses are heightened, which enhances their creative and imaginative play.
Our focus is on ‘the whole child’ and helping them develop at their own pace in their own way, whilst achieving the Early Years Foundation Stage goals.
Elves & Fairies Woodland Nursery and it’s staff are committed to help the children achieve their maximum potential. through outdoor play and learning they develop:

  • creative play
  • high self esteem and confidence
  • good language, social and communication skills
  • necessary skills to keep themselves safe
  • healthy lifestyles and diet
  • essential skills for the future.

Surrounded by nature.

During our sessions the children go for woodland walks and picnics, jump in puddles, chase butterflies and clamber over fallen branches, make sand castles, mud pies and imaginative potions, smell flowers, rain and damp leaves, listen to bird song, the cracking of ice and the wind in the trees.
They grow vegetables and flowers, learn camp fire skills, prepare and watch their food being cooked. They feel at one with nature, enjoying themselves in all but the most inclement weather, when the children spend time in our beautiful indoor space playing with wooden toys and natural materials, enriching their creative life with activities such as painting, singing, dancing, story telling, sewing, weaving and baking bread.
Parents/carers are invited to experience a Nursery session and as we wish your child’s first experience of Nursery to be a happy one, they are also welcome to stay in the Nursery during the settling in period.
Ofsted regulated reg. EY422487